Source Code
Pre-compiled applet
If you're interested in using the applet as-is use the applet jar (2002-11-15) file.
As there have not been major issues for a while this download is old but latest code.

Build your own applet
The Jabber Applet Source Code is stored in a cvs repository at SourceForge.

Note: The Jabber Applet source code uses the JOSL license. In short the JOSL license allows anyone to use/modify the source for public, private or commercial use (providing any changes made are submitted back to the project for possible inclusion).

Brief Description of Packages The JabberApplet is created using the 5 packages listed below. If you're interested in more detail take a look at the code.
  1. org.jabber.applet - main JabberApplet program.
  2. org.jabber.applet.awt - user interface.
  3. org.jabber.applet.communication - xml communication with the Jabber Server.
  4. org.jabber.applet.connection - connect to the Jabber Server.
  5. - miscellaneous tools.