Installing the Jabber Applet
Download the Jabber Applet from the source code page.

Installation of a properly executing Jabber Applet requires all applet related programs to be installed on the same machine. This is a general applet requirement, not a specific Jabber Applet requirement. In short (1) An applet must be served from the same machine that the html page that loads it and (2) the Jabber Applet must connect to a Jabber Server running on the same machine as itself.

Or a little more detailed explanation:

  1. An applet gets served up by a web server
  2. For security reasons the applet can ONLY establish connections with the web server that it came from
  3. When a user calls the applet and tries to logon to Jabber it can only connect back to the web server
  4. Jabber talks to clients over port 5222, but if there is no jabber server running on the same machine that is hosting the web server, then port 5222 will not be open and the applet will fail to connect with anything
So basically in order for the Jabber Applet to talk to a Jabber Server, the applet must be served from a web server that is also running a Jabber Server.

There may be network/router tricks to bypass these requirements, however I'm not currently aware of what those solutions may be. Therefore the easiest installation of the Jabber Applet requires all related programs and files be installed on the same server machine.

The Jabber Applet setup requires the following:

  1. Network:

  2. Jabber Server: used by the applet to connect to the jabber system.. Each server machine must provide its own Jabber Applet (if an applet client is to be used). For example an applet served from the server must only connect to the jabber server. An attempt to connect a applet to another jabber server (such as will not be successful. note: this constraint doesn't prevent users from communicating with users via the applet.

  3. Web Server: primary purpose is to deliver the html page (that in turn loads the applet).

  4. Jabber Applet: is built and stored in the JabberApplet.jar file. This file is accessed using an html file as described below.

  5. HTML page: primary purpose is to load the applet. The HTML page can also be used to surround the applet with miscellaneous text and graphics. Note: (1) this html file must be loaded from the Jabber Server machine (creating a local copy of this html file will not work), (2) Netscape has a problem with applets loading inside <table> tags.